-EPC for thermal power plant: 10KW160MW

 -Equipment supply of Boiler, turbine and generator: 3MW1000MW

 -Balance of Power Plant Equipment: coal crusher, fans, pumps, fuel handling system, deaerator, ESP, HP and LP heater, condenser with tube cleaning, motors system, oil purifier, air compressor, valves, piping, insulation material, and etc

-Power Transmission and Distribution Systems: switchgear, transformer, cables

-Control and supervision system: DCS, TSI, ETS and etc.

 -Spare parts, overhaul and maintenance for power plant

 -retrofitting of steam turbine, boiler and BOP.

 -Renewable Energy: EPC and equipment supply for PV, thermal solar power, WindPV Hybrid, Hydro, Biomass & MSW Thermal Power Plant and energy storage system.

 -Natural Gas and Bio Gas Generator Set

 -Fire Protection Systems

 -Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems

 -Lighting Systems

 -Water Treatment System